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It liiiiiives.

The MKCSR - the Bar Edition.


This entry will be edited shortly - as soon as we find a way to get the boys in here. Holmes has a plan, so not to worry.

ETA: ((And so it begins.

I'd appreciate it if you'd start your posts like so, in the below format, with RP under a cut. Sooo. . .let's get this show on the road! Holmes will be kidnapping Gabe and Jeannot shortly, at which point we can furnish this wonderful bar. They probably have better decorating taste than Holmes, who would just do everything in gray.))

Location: The Cravat, a small, white walled space that floats between worlds.
Time: Early to late afternoon, Place Between Time Continuums Time

Sherlock Holmes stumbled tiredly into the small room, panting a little. Moriarty's agents were onto him, that much was sure, although Holmes was unaware that Moriarty himself was currently getting his brain broken by a half dog girl in another world. He needed a place to lay low until things, to use a distinctly unVictorian turn of phrase, blew over. There were a few folding chairs in the room's corner, and Holmes unfolded one to sit down. He'd needed a place to stay, and after some discussion with a friend of his who had invented what seemed to be something of a time travel machine, he'd reached this strange locale. It seemed this would become his home, for a short time. He sighed. It wasn't exactly Baker Street, but it would do.


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Dec. 3rd, 2006 09:35 am (UTC)
((Fair warning: Gabe cannot decorate to save his life, nor does he care to. Holmes may paint everything gray, but Gabe won't even bother to do that. He'll just leave it the way he found it, though maybe a bit messier and smokier smelling.))
Dec. 4th, 2006 12:50 am (UTC)
((Then we must rely on Jeannot's artist mojo of d00m for our aesthetic, I suppose. If we have two gay and one pansexual men running a bar, it's ridiculous that it wouldn't be at least slightly well decorated. Shall I start a new thread on the post on Callirhoe's journal, and Holmesnap your boys?))
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